Revision: Qualitative Analysis

“All research ultimately has a qualitative grounding.”

– Donald Campbell

(Jets bulletin, 2012)

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 13.58.46.png

Image result for qualitativeIn order to further improve the analyzations already collected, it is a necessary step to gather qualitative information. Although in the previous blog post it was mentioned that the first step to compare the business to another is to find quantitative information, a qualitative analysis will provide further insight into the performance based on subjective opinions.  The data collected is a qualitative analysis on the same hostels from the previous blog, examining different categories, such as the number of rooms, facilities, location, the condition of the property, different rates, strengths, weaknesses, and comments provided by customers on TripAdvisor. As one can see, only 3/6 hostels provided the number of rooms and only 1/6 provided when the property was opened. Yet most of them provided the same basic facilities and strengths, such as Free WIFI and a good location, most of the hostels compared to the Generator Hostel Venice are scored and viewed as lower than the Generator. From this analysis,  one can say, the Generator Hostel has an extensive advantage in comparison to the surrounding hostels. 

On TripAdvisor, some hostels had more reviews than others, indicating the number of people who have experienced at least one stay at the property. One hostel that provided the most positive reviews by customers was the Ai Tagliapietra. The analysis of this is to show the Generator Hostel who their most fierce competition is.  Through reviews, they realize what areas need to be improved, such as customer service, and what areas they already have an advantage in. Most of the positive reviews for the Ai Tagliapietra were about the hotel manager and the staff service, therefore the Generator Hostel may conclude that service is a key element striving in the direction of positive reviews by customers, (North west, 2013) as it is the first point of contact. 

Image result for qualitativeThe categories were chosen in the effectiveness of seeing a basic and detailed outline of each hostel in comparison to the Generator Hostel in Venice. No company is ever perfect, thus the collected data depicts the strengths and weaknesses of each hostel. This will and can help the Generator Hostel to improve their strengths and weaknesses given from a subjective perspective rather than objective. 


Jets Bulletin. (2012, September 12). Is qualitative research still considered the poor relation? Retrieved November 11, 2018, from

North West. (2013, October 3). The Importance of Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry. Retrieved November 11, 2018, from

One thought on “Revision: Qualitative Analysis

  1. We would like to begin by saying that your research was very organized and easy to read giving your blog a good start.

    The introduction, however, was a bit blurry as certain readers do not know it is a continuation of a previous piece of writing or at least have not read the previous pieces. We would suggest adding a short summary of your findings from the previous blog in the introduction.

    You had a very strong analysis of your results from the research.

    “On TripAdvisor, some hostels had more reviews than others, indicating the number of people who have experienced at least one stay at the property.” —> this sentence is a bit confusing as the first part does not complement the second part. We are unsure about what you are trying to say here.

    Your analysis of your hostel in comparison to the competitors was very in-depth, precise and easy to follow.

    The blog could have been extended by explaining which strategies could be implemented, in consideration of the research, in order to “improve their strengths and weaknesses.”

    Looking forward to your future writings!

    Best Regards,
    Team 6.5


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